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What is a Toothpaste Color Code? is it REAL?

Some days ago, I saw a TikTok video, tiktoker explaining different meanings of colours in Colgate Toothpaste. I was surprised as it was saying each colour have their own different meanings, purposes! I was shocked and curious too. So, I began digging more information on the internet. We also cannot ignore that internet, being a grand home for much valuable information, its however susceptible to false information. I visited many blogs and found where many bloggers have said different colours in toothpaste has different meanings.

  1. The claim:

As of TikTok video I saw, in fact, found on several websites and social media, Green colour mark means toothpaste is made from only natural ingredients, blue mark means its made of a mix of natural ingredients and medication, red mark means its made of natural ingredients and chemical ingredients and black marks means its made only from chemical ingredients. similarly, the video also warns to buy/use red or black marks and encourage people to choose with green or blue marks.

  1. The reality 

Personally, I was shocked and clueless, imminent after, I checked my toothpaste, which I use normally, Colgate, and seriously I had never given much attention. Found out it was a red mark below! now I was desperate to know what it really means because if it’s real then I would be doing so wrong till now. This time I dug more on the internet and I was so unknown similar post was posted in official Colgate website too! after reading, it was crystal clear that the toothpaste colour-coding system simply doesn’t exist. In fact, oral care companies don’t mark their toothpaste and try to trick customers and hide ingredients from them. So then why those marks were there and in different colours? Turns out they do have some purposes they simply actually would help in the manufacturing¬†of the toothpaste tubes by telling light sensors where the end of the tube is so that it can be cut and sealed properly. Now I was so soothed and literally, I kept my toothpaste that I was about to throw seeing such a hoax video.

So, if you are still worried and curious about what your toothpaste is made of, just check in the packaging box about ingredients, its always there printed a list of comprehensive ingredients. Hope this post helped a little bit.

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