Are you planning to buy new hard disk, specifically of western digital? Even been in dilemma with different colors? All of these HDDs are made for different purposes & we know it when we know it! Well then this post may be useful to you cause i am explaining meaning of different colors of hard disk. Here we go:-

wd blue WD Blue

WD Blue offers reliability and performance for everyday users. Blues are great all-rounders made for general use. WD Blue is a good drive for storing anything you need, whether it’s gaming or just some music and pictures. It also sits in the sweet spot of performance and price, making it great. If you really can’t decide which Hard Drive to get, just buy WD Blue, you can’t go wrong with this.

In short: these are mainly used for general purpose storage.

WD Green

WD Green is slightly more power efficient than WD Blue. However, this difference is hardly noticeable. However, WD Green also lacks some performance compared with WD Blue. It’s just not worth it. Get Blue instead.

In short: its same like Blue one, but lacks a bit of performance and quite cheaper than blue ones.

wd green
wd black WD Black

For Max performance, WD Black is the best choice. These HDDs are great for gamers and workstation PCs as they offer performance and reliability. All WD Black versions come with standard RPM of 7200rpm and have a 5-year warranty. However, because of higher performance, these drives may heat up a bit more than other series and are a bit louder. To make it simple, WD Black is a performance drive.

in short: Pure performance-gaming,media & content creation and Most Expensive!


WD Red

The WD Red is built to be slotted inside a NAS (Network Assisted Storage). WD Red is compatible all most popular NAS systems. Others members of WD family can’t do this. One thing that you should know – Red family excels more into the read performance than write. That’s only normal for NAS Hard drive. All data is stored through a network, so multiple users connect at the same time and read some data. For an instance you can assume like in office I mean corporate level where employees use for uploading and downloading massive files continuously.

in short: optimized for NAS systems

wd red
wd purple WD Purple

One word that characterizes WD Purple family the best is “surveillance.” This means that WD Purple is capable of withstanding operation of 24/7. Mostly these drives will be used for storing and recording videos. For example, they can be used for storing data for CCTV cameras, security surveillance

in short: best for surveillance, 24*7 operation


Well this was it, I hope you now have become crystal clear about colors meaning used in HDDs, if not feel free to comment or let me know more if I have missed here 🙂

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