Here’s how to transfer your contacts from Android to iPhone

If you had decided to make the switch from Android to iOS, you probably want to make sure all of your contacts come with you to your new iPhone. And you may be wondering if it is possible or not? However, it is possible & the process is simple, and there’s a few different ways to do it.

If you have a Gmail account linked to your Android phone, you can sync and transfer your contacts through Gmail. Or, you can use an app designed to transfer your files from one phone to another.

One of the ways is the android app, i.e. Move to iOS.

how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone
Screenshot: Move to iOS android app


You can do by alternative way using your gmail account.

  1. First goto settings
  2. tap Accounts (some set may not contain just this word however open the menu containing “Accounts”)
  3. click “Google” (make sure sync contacts is switched on)
  4. Now NEXT, open your gmail on your computer (top right of the webpage) – click “Contacts”
  5. find “contacts” then click “more” then click “Export”
  6. make sure to export as “vCard”, which is necessary for iCloud contacts (it will download a fil-vCard to your computer)
  7. goto or log in to your iCloud account, if not create one. Once homepage appears, click “Contacts”
  8. on the left of the screen choose “Import vCard” from the bottom left of  “Contacts”
    Your contacts are now synced with iCloud, but you still need to get them onto your new phone. Click on your name and Apple ID in the ‘Settings’ menu after signing in to iCloud on your new iPhone.
  9. click on “iCloud”
  10. Finally, switch on contact syncing, your contacts should now be imported to your iPhone. 🙂

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