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1. Terms of Use

It's my goal to be completely transparent with you. All the information provided in this blog however you use it will be in your own risk. Some affiliate links describes about products and services however i do not intend to sell them, they are as a part of affiliate programs, i will earn a small commission at absolutely no extra cost to you. I appreciate your support and my promise to you is this: profits that are brought in through affiliate links will be reinvested into the site to improve it and make it an even better resource for you.

2. Copyright Policy

All the information written are in my words, however you can re-edit to use them. Some pictures i have used from external resources(source given with links embedded).

3. Hold Harmless

My blog contains information only for education purpose only and I don't intends to provide any medical, legal or profession advice. Many information i wrote down will be writing only on the base of other sources and my personal experiences. I strongly recommend to follow my guides only with your full consent and at your own risk.

4. Privacy Statement

I personally assure i will not disclose/sell any of your personal information to any other third sources. Hereby,I also want to disclose i will not be responsible for the privacy practices of any of my advertisers or people that comment on my blog.

5. Reserve Rights

Currently i have started blogging focusing mainly on Information technology, health, programming codes and news related to cyber securities. However i may add some more topics if i can give more time on this blog.

6. Advertisers & Sponsors

At last not the least, i will not be responsible if you are not satisfied with the actions of my advertisers or sponsors (affiliate links you used from).